No Risk Booking

Unlike most other brokers, Ultra Auto Transport doesn’t charge a dime at the time of booking.

At the time of booking we will ask for a credit card to be kept on file but it is only charged when a Carrier is dispatched to pickup your vehicle.

If you book with less than 3 days notice before your first available pickup date we will work on scheduling a Carrier for pickup immediately and a match can be made at any time.

If you are booking with more than 3 days notice before your first available pickup date you will never be charged until 3 days before your pickup date at the soonest.  (And only if we have dispatched a Carrier to pickup your vehicle.)

Also unlike most other brokers, this fee is fully refundable until pickup occurs should you change your mind about shipping.

Choosing Ultra Auto Transport for your vehicle shipping needs is completely no risk.


Give us a call at (888) 398-5873 for a quote or to get answers to any questions you may have.