Damage during auto transport is rare but it does happen from time to time.  At Ultra Auto Transport we strive to work with only the safest Carriers to reduce the risk of damage further.  However, anytime you are shipping valuable items hundreds or thousands of miles you are taking the risk of something happening.  Using an enclosed trailer will further reduce the risk although enclosed trailers are not necessary in all cases.

No matter what type of trailer you choose, your vehicle is insured from the moment you hand the keys over to the truck driver until you get them back.  Carriers have both a “Liability Policy” as well as a “Cargo Policy” to cover various types of damage that can occur.  The policy used for a particular claim will depend on the cause of the damage.


It is important to mark any damage that happens during transport on the “Bill of Lading” at delivery. If you do not discover the damage until after the trucker drops off the vehicle and leaves, it may still be possible to file a claim.

While insurance covers most visible damage, there are some things that any policy (including your own car insurance) typically do not cover.  These include but are not limited to: small rock chips from road debris, damage from weather such as hail nor mechanical damage which is unlikely to have been the result of transportation.

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