Enclosed Auto Transport is a service option which provides an extra level of service and security for your vehicle. This option typically costs 25-50% more than traditional open transport but it is money well spent for high-value vehicles. Enclosed trailers are only about 10% of the nationwide auto transport fleet and they do not hold as many vehicles as traditional open trailers, hence the higher cost. The benefit to your vehicle in an enclosed trailer is protection from the elements and road debris. Whether you choose open or enclosed service, you are fully insured in the event of any damage and both modes are perfectly safe.

Enclosed transport is recommended for vehicles worth at least $50,000 or for any classic cars in good condition. Enclosed transport is not recommended for inoperable vehicles as they typically must be pushed on and off an enclosed truck which most enclosed truck drivers won’t be willing to do. Enclosed transport will be required for any vehicles with less than 4 inches of ground clearance as a lift gate will be needed to load these low-clearance cars. Enclosed transport will not be an option for very large SUV’s or Pickups simply because they will be too wide to fit into an enclosed trailer.

Just as there are two main types of auto transport: open and enclosed, there are also two sub-types of enclosed transport: hard-sided and soft-sided trailers. Hard-sided trailers look like traditional semi-trailers you see on the highway everyday but will be slightly larger to accommodate two levels of vehicles. Soft-sided on the other hand are still technically enclosed but they use heavy tarps to separate the internal storage from the elements. These tarps can be pulled back during loading and unloading.

While soft-sided enclosed will still protect you from road debris, your car might arrive a little dirty if the trip goes through dusty areas like the desert. Unfortunately soft-sided enclosed costs the same as hard-sided enclosed but the good news is that you can require hard-sided enclosed if you prefer. For newer vehicles that won’t mind a quick car wash soft-sided enclosed can be a good option if time is of the essence. However classic cars or exotics should only travel in hard-sided enclosed trailers.

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