Brokers and Carriers

There are two equally important parties in the auto transport industry.  Brokers and Carriers.

Carriers do the actual transportation of vehicles and rely on Brokers to provide them with their business. There are thousands of Carriers operating in the United States and most have at most a few trucks and serve at most a few routes.

It’s much more efficient for someone looking to ship a car to deal with a Broker who in turn works with several Carriers. Not only is it much easier for a shipper to get their vehicle shipped in an economical manner but it’s much easier for Carriers to find loads on their specific routes.

The benefits of working with a broker include:

  • Getting a fair-market price through competition among Carriers
  • Vetting of Carriers
  • Assistance in the event of damage


Not all brokers are equal, if you choose Ultra Auto Transport you’re getting:

  • A higher standard of service & safety
  • Transparent pricing
  • Additional insurance included at no extra cost


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